Welcome to the Home Page of Bourbons.com!  Owned by Fred Mercaldo, CEO and Founder of Geocentric Media, Inc., Bourbons.com will be featuring all of the latest news, developments, reviews and more regarding our thriving Bourbon industry.


As the cover of Forbes Magazine stated on their February 24, 2014, “Drink Up!”….The Billion Dollar Bourbon Boom….an eye opening article about how our Bourbons are becoming more popular world wide, and the increase year after year of our exporting numbers.  We will be covering the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, and also the international scene, where Bourbons are becoming the drink of choice in France, China, and even Russia!  Bourbons.com will be a featured contributor on our vast Geocentric Media family of City branded websites, which covers every major market in the US, and also has over 200 international destinations under our management.  We look forward to our upcoming launch!


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